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Karchur Herbal Powder (Curcuma Zedoaria) White Turmeric

Heilen Biopharm

Rs. 131.00

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  • It is mainly used to reduce kapha / phlegm and increase circulation.
  • Karchura, Aranyaharidra, Sholi, Sholika, Vanahaladi, Vanaharidra, Vanarishta, Dravida, Palashi, Kachura Gandh-mulaka, Shati, Gandhapalasha, Kacchura, Ban haldi, Ban haridra, Jangli haldi, Kasturi-manjal, Kattu-mannal, Kichili, Kizhangu, Kitchiliki Zhangu, Padam Kizhangu, Kazhui, Urukelkafur, Zedoaria
  • Kachoramu, Kichili Gadda, Kua, Zedoary, Cochin Turmeric, Wild Turmeric, Yellow Zedoary, Katuri, Ekangi, Kachura, Sati, Shori, Zedoarwurzel, Zittwer, Zedoaria
  • Kachuro, Shatakachuro, Kachora, Kaeheholam, Kachchurikizhanna, Pulakizhanna, Kachari, Kachora, Narakachora, Kachoramu, Gandha Sunthi, Karchura, Kachur, Ronde zedoar, Zedoaire, Zedoaire bulheux1 Zedoire
  • Dadakaha, Walkaha, Kichili Kizhangu, Zaranbad (Neem Kofta), Zarambad, Narkachoor, Zarambad, Zurunbad, Uruk-el-kafur, Zurambad, Prateal vong preah atit,
    Safety Information:
    Pregnant women should consult phycisian befor consuming this product. Do not overdoes the product. Thus, keep out of reach of children.

    2 grams everday with water can be consumed directly for 15-30 days to get results.

    100% Pure & Natural Karchur Herbal Powder

    2 grams everday with water can be consumed directly for 15-30 days to get results.

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