Difference Between Raw, Gelatinsed, Extract & Capsuled Maca Root Powder

Oct 19 , 2019


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Difference Between Raw, Gelatinsed, Extract & Capsuled Maca Root Powder

Maca Root is always consumed in the form of Powder. With Advent of technology for storage purpose, we came with multiple options to preserve the powder for longer duration without losing nutrient value of the product. This is good for us & everyone, but every advantage comes with disadvantage as well. It is always upto us to choose greater good between both.

maca root powder capsule difference gelatinised extract what is best for consumption

Gelatinised Powder - Gelatinisation does not directly mean adding gelatin to maca root powder. The Gelatinisation process involves adding water, which is absorbed by the starch present in the Maca powder. The mixture is then heated, at 70°-75°C, at which point the starch molecules are dissolved. After this, Maca root powder without starch is dried. What is left is a more concentrated Maca powder, with reduced starch and fiber content. As maca capsules can be taken independently of solid food. Another benefit of gelatinised Maca is that it is concentrated. It is usually concentration upto 5:1 concentrations. The only side effect of this form of Maca Root Powder is they have few nutrients burned. The lack of water content in gelatinised maca means it is much less susceptible to the mould and yeast overgrowth that is a big problem with raw maca powder. Last, gelatinised maca powder also posses a smoother and sweeter taste with lesser bitterness than raw maca root powder. It can be consumed at any time of the day. It doesn't matter whether, its premeal or post meal or while the meal. It is easy to digest.

 gelatinised maca root powder heilen biopharm extract yellow red black peruvian maca raw

Gelatin - Gelatin is good for digestive system. They help make new gut layer in stomach. On a commercial scale, gelatin is made from by-product of the meat and leather industries. Most gelatin is derived from pork skins, pork and cattle bones, or split cattle hides. Vegans & Vegetarians do not eat foods containing gelatin made from animals. Likewise, Sikh, Hindu & Jain customs may require gelatin alternatives from sources other than animals, as many Hindus, most Jains and some Sikhs are vegetarian. Thus, concept of Vegetarian Capsules emerged. They are made up of alternative like Seaweed extracts agar and carrageenan and the plant extracts pectin and konjac.

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Capsuled powder - This includes Gelatin directly through Capsules. Any capsules available in pharmaceutical world is made up of gelatin. When someone adds green color to it, it gives non-transparent green color, if someone adds blue color it turns non-transparent blue colored capsule. We are using no colors for our capsules, thus they are transparent. Many people call & ask us,"Why are you selling such a great powder in plastic capsules?". No, it is not plastic capsule, it is a no colored used regular gelatin capsule only. There is new alternative called vegetable capsules which are 4 times costly then the gelatin capsules. Soon, we will be using those capsules for our products as well. Once a powder is filled into capsule, it does not get any oxygen to get oxidised. Thus, powder remains with high nutrient value for longer duration of time then the other forms of maca root powder. Also, if capsules are weighted 500 mg only, thus it gets easy to maintain constant daily maca root intake as per an individuals requirement.

maca root powder capsule extract gelatinised raw yellow red black peruvian organic andes amazon best qulaity


Raw Powder - When Maca root sun dried & powdered using pulveriser, than we get raw maca root powder. This is unprocessed & completely in natural form. This powder tastes bitter than gelatinised powder. It contains natural starch & enzymes. Starch is difficult to digest thus, this powder is needed to be consumed along with daily meal. The Shelf life of this powder is shorter than the other two versions. Since it is not concentrated, we have to consume it more in quantity than gelatinised maca root powder. To get similar results that of 1 grams of Gelatinised maca root powder, we need to consume 5 grams of raw maca root powder. Thus, dietitians never prefer raw maca root powder.

raw maca root powder gelatinised vegetable extract capsules heilen biopharm best quality amazon andez


Extract Powder - After Gelatinisation process, maca root powder is further more concentrated using complex chemical extraction processes to get concentration ration of 1:8 to 1:40. This is very strong for results. For serious health conditions doctor prefer extract powders.But, an individual needs to be very careful while using maca root extracts without physicians supervision.

maca root powder capsule extract gelatinised raw yellow red black peruvian organic andes amazon best qulaity


Heilen Biopharm believe, natural way of healing is the best way. Thus we prefer Raw Maca root powder over everything else. Then comes gelatinsed maca root powder, which gives quick results to millennial. last, but not least is Capsule form of Maca root powder for extended shelf life. We dont believe in extract powders. Because once a powder is concentrated upto 20-40 times of its original form then there is hardly any natural part left of it. It is only a chemical to us. Thus, we never recommend it. We always ask our customers to have free approach about maca root powder. There are no side effects at all of this powder. It is new for us, but it is being consumed in Peru since many centuries.




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