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Skin Tightening Face Mask - Orange Peel, Rose, Aloe Vera, Bentonite, Kaolin Powder

Rs. 249.00

Heilen Biopharm

Rs. 98.00

  • Heilen Biopharm have created a natural, effective and safe product for Skin Tightening naturaly through carefully selected natural ingredients. Heilen Biopharm's Skin Tightening Face Mask also provides glossy skin & even complexion. Sagging skin is unwanted thing and not acceptable at all. Now avoid it with natural ingredients without fearing side effects. Consistant use of Heilen Biopharm's Skin tightening face pack will defenitely help you to stop further skin sagging.
  • INGREDIENTS : Orange Peel Powder, Rose Petal Powder, Aloe Vera Powder, Bentonite Clay, Multani Mitti & Kaolin Clay. Whether you have oily skin or not, your pores will undoubtedly become clogged at some point. Shrinking the size of your pores can help tremendously with keeping your face clean and blemishes as bay.
  • Orange Peel Powder is rich in vitamin C, but in fact is full of antioxidants. They together help tighten and tone up the skin and provide it a healthy glow. It has many more other benefits to offer to our skin.
  • Aloe vera is believed to bolster collagen production by stimulating the fibroblast cells in our skin. It thereby replaces dull and damaged skin with more elastic and healthy skin. Rose has antioxidants which prevent the formation of wrinkles. Rose petal powder does cleansing, toning and exfoliating tightens the skin and slows down aging.
  • Benefits of multani mitti for skin tightening are known by many people. Multani mitti can tighten our skin and reduce the sagging of skin. This will rejuvenate our skin and makes us look younger.
  • To use Heilen Biopharm's Skin Tightening Face Mask, mix it with equal amount of clean water or Milk or Honey to prepare paste. Apply the Paste on a face. Wash it off after 10-20 minutes. For best results, add Milk Powder, oats, Banana pulp, olive oil, Riceflour, egg . After Use, keep package air tight. it can be used once in a day for daily basis.

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