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Tomato (Solanum Lycopersicum) Spray Dried Fruit Powder

Heilen Biopharm

Rs. 119.00

Tomato spray-dried powder is a versatile and concentrated form of tomato that captures the rich essence of this popular fruit. Derived from ripe tomatoes, the spray-drying process removes moisture while preserving the natural flavors, vibrant color, and nutritional value of the fruit. This results in a fine powder that serves as an essential ingredient in various culinary creations.

The powder's intense tomato flavor adds depth to dishes, from sauces and soups to seasonings and snacks. Its concentrated nature ensures a little goes a long way, enhancing the taste profile without the need for large quantities. Tomato spray-dried powder is a convenient pantry staple, especially when fresh tomatoes are out of season or less practical.

One of its key advantages is its extended shelf life, making it an excellent choice for food manufacturers and households alike. The powder's versatility allows for easy incorporation into recipes, requiring no peeling, chopping, or cooking down, saving time and effort in the kitchen.

Furthermore, tomato spray-dried powder offers nutritional benefits, including antioxidants like lycopene, vitamins like vitamin C, and essential minerals. This makes it a valuable addition to a balanced diet, offering both flavor and potential health advantages. In summary, tomato spray-dried powder elevates the culinary experience by providing the concentrated essence of tomatoes with convenience and extended storage capabilities.

  • Spray Dried Powder - Mostly used for Flavoring your food
  • Add Tomato powder to any Juice or soup any time you wish. Just add water to powder & have delicious juice or soup ready.
  • Food Grade powder perfectly fit for Human consumption
  • No atrificial additive, No added Sugar, No Preservative, GLUTEN FREE, A great Vegan Option.
  • Very Long Shelf life stored Air tight.
  • Tomato powder is also a common component of the chataney mix.
  • Heilen Biopharm's Tomato Fruit powder is a good flavoring agent. Use to make Salad, green juice, stuffed parathas & Vegetable Soup. It comes in standy zip lock pouch easy to use & store.

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