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Gunja Seed Powder (Abrus precatorius)

Heilen Biopharm

Rs. 169.00

Gunja powder, derived from the seeds of the Abrus precatorius plant, is a fascinating botanical substance with a rich history of traditional uses. Also known as "jequirity bean" or "rosary pea," this powder has been employed for its various medicinal, cultural, and ornamental purposes.

The Gunja plant is native to tropical and subtropical regions, primarily found in Asia and Africa. Its distinctive seeds are small, usually scarlet with a black spot, resembling miniature red beads, often used to make jewelry and rosary necklaces.

Medicinally, Gunja powder has been utilized in traditional folk medicine for its potential analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and aphrodisiac properties. However, it's important to note that the seeds contain a toxic compound called abrin, which can be lethal if ingested, making it necessary to handle Gunja seeds with caution.

Culturally, Gunja beads hold significance in various religious practices and rituals across different cultures, symbolizing protection, spirituality, and devotion. They are also used in traditional dances and ceremonies.

In conclusion, Gunja powder is a unique and culturally significant substance with a complex history of uses, blending tradition, medicine, and ornamentation. However, its toxicity underscores the importance of responsible handling and awareness of its potential dangers.

Gamanchi / Gunchi / Gaunchi / Rati / Gulaganji / Gulagunji / Guruvinda / Guruginia / Gunj / kunch/ koonch / chunhali / chanoti / chanothi / gundumani / kunni / chasmekharosh / mulati / gunchi / shangir / khurosa / chashami

Safety Information:

Not for Internal purpose It is very high in toxicity Keep it away from Children.


Do not Consume it OR Use as per Health Professional instructions. (Toxic)


100% Pure & Natural Gunja Seed Powder


Can be used for Wound Healing, Rituals & Hair care only.

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