All Benefits of Calamine Powder in 3 Best options

Jul 15 , 2018


Darshan Parecha

All Benefits of Calamine Powder in 3 Best options

Calamine Powder Benefits


It has been used as far back as 1500 BC, and more interestingly, it is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines (for being an effective and safe medication for health). Which makes us ask one question – is it really that big a deal when it comes to skin health?


According to the Official Publication of The International Association of Asethetics, today Calamine powder is a key active ingredient in many diaper rash creams, lotions, mineral sunscreens (including some of the best sunscreens), vitamin supplements and acne treatments sold in drug stores or prescribed by doctors.

Apart From all, recently Heilen Biopharm was astonished to know that they could sell more than 10,000 units of 75 grams to 800 gram size Calamine powder packages to small customers. These people were not diaper manufacturer, these people where were not calamine lotion manufacturer, neither they were sunscreens nor vitamin supplements manufacturer. They all were common people doing their regular jobs. All these units were sold to different set of people with different need of Calamine Powder. Roughly, Heilen Biopharm categorized these sales into three categories & developed specialized Calamine Powder for each requirements. Heilen Biopharm quickly understood that many people have found a new way of using calamine powder as a key ingredient for their homemade DIY Face Pack. When using Calamine powder for Face pack, Calamine will be directly applied on facial skin, which is one of the most sensitive skin on body. This sensitivity varies with person to person. Thus, Heilen Biopharm developed a specialized Calamine powder which is gentle on facial skin but not weak so that it could not deliver the results. This was named as Calamine Powder (Face Pack). People loved this product made best out of it. People prepared Acne Control , oil control, sensitive skin soother, scar remover, dark spot remover face packs using this calamine powder along with other ingredient available at home.


Soon when summers arrived, India is one of those countries which faces heat wave of temperature above 45ºC for more than 2 months. Again, Heilen Biopharm received huge number of orders for small packages of Calamine powder. These urgent need of people was to stay safe from sun. yes, thousands of people in India ordered Calamine Powder on online just to make their own DIY sunscreen lotion at home. These people already knew benefits of Calamine powder as well as importance of zinc in the sunscreen lotion. Thus, we quickly developed a formulation of Calamine powder that contained higher content of Zinc through additional Zinc oxide in it. We named it Calamine Powder with Zinc Oxide. This product was ultimate combination of calamine powder & zinc oxide for any DIY homemade sunscreen lotion. According to different skin tones & different requirements of each individual, we provided option of 3 shades to each customers. Calamine powder with Zinc oxide is available in Light Shade, Medium Shade & Dark Shade of pink color. Same product also served as De-Tanner to many people. Zinc oxide available in the product was effective enough to repair the skin which was damaged due to harmful UV rays. Therefore, skin is de-tanned considerably in the very first use of Calamine Powder with Zinc Oxide. This was all done having confidence of no side effects of chemically harmful effects & all in natural ways. 


Calamine Powder have Skin healing property to reduce some wrinkles of skin and make us look younger. The content of Calamine powder is safe & gentle to use on baby. It helps to treat diaper rash on baby. Applied Calamine Powder creates a barrier to diaper rash spread. Heilen Biopharm then developed another Calamine Powder specialized for Skin disease treatment. This Calamine powder is named as Calamine Powder (Rash, Eczema & Skin Disease). This Calamine Powder is effective against skin problems and disease. This Calamine Powder is effective in providing cooling sensation on Chicken Pox and Eczema. This material can reduce the redness, flake and rosacea irritation. This Calamine Powder reduces redness and swelling of infected skin conditions and is also used to prevent infections. Used for Sunburn, Insect bite, Contact dermatitis, soothing, Skin healing, Pain and itching associated with minor skin irritations and rashes with no side effects. This Calamine have to be applied twice a day for best results. This Calamine gives relief from insect bite irritation.



Calamine lotion may not be the ultimate cure for a few skin ailments  – but it sure does relieve the symptoms and help you deal with them. Start using it today. And tell us how this post has helped you. Leave a comment in the box below.


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