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Chickoo / Sapota Spray Dried Fruit Fiber Powder

Heilen Biopharm

Rs. 129.00

  • Chickoo / Sapota, scientifically known as Manilkara zapota, is a tropical fruit renowned for its delectable flavor and nutritional richness. The process of spray drying involves transforming the ripe sapota fruit into a fine, easily soluble powder while preserving its natural attributes.

    Chickoo / Sapota spray dried powder is a versatile ingredient widely used in the food and beverage industry due to its concentrated taste and extended shelf life. The powder retains the essence of the fresh fruit, encapsulating its sweet, caramel-like taste with subtle undertones of pear and brown sugar. It boasts a pleasant beige color, indicative of its natural origin.

    Rich in essential nutrients, the spray dried sapota powder offers a convenient means to incorporate the fruit's benefits into various products. Packed with vitamins like A and C, as well as minerals like potassium and calcium, it contributes to overall well-being. This powder can be incorporated into smoothies, desserts, baked goods, and beverages to enhance both flavor and nutritional content.

    In summary, Chickoo / Sapota spray dried powder encapsulates the essence of this tropical fruit, offering a concentrated, easily usable form that not only enriches the taste of various products but also provides a convenient way to enjoy the nutritional advantages of sapota.

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