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Dead Sea Mud Handmade Natural Soap with Essence of Milk & Honey

Rs. 149.00

Heilen Biopharm

Rs. 89.00

  • Handmade!!!!!!!! Handmade!!!!!! Handmade!!!!!!! Essence of milk and honey will make bathing unforgettable.
  • Dead Sea mud has many amazing health benefits, which help Refresh & Revitalize all types of skin. Dead Sea Mud helps in reducing wrinkles & anti-acne properties. Dead Sea Mud also helps in delaying Aging process. Dead Sea Mud's rich mineral content accelerates natural exfoliation and restores your skin's pH balance. Dead Sea mud is a gentle healer, therefor need to use it on regular basis to get physical relief and keep your skin disorder under control.
  • Dead Sea Mud contains high concentration of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. These minerals increases blood circulation, relaxing your nerves. Massaging Dead Sea mud on the areas with cellulite stimulates the blood circulation and cleanses toxins out through your pores. This helps flatten out the cottage-cheese bumps that are caused by cellulite.
  • A Dead Sea mud mask improves the look & feel of your facial skin by improving elasticity and minimizing pores, wrinkles and lines. When Dead Sea Mud dries on your facial skin, toxins that may be present in your skin cells from your everyday diet are drawn out. Your face will feel clean and refreshed.
  • Soaps made with Dead Sea mud help cure itching, while they also cleanse the skin and remove dead skin. The Dead Sea is unique due to its high concentrations of salts and minerals. It is particularly rich in magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium.

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