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Ultimate Maca Capsules For Hip Butt Enhancement - 90 Capsules Per Bottle (Pack of 1)

Heilen Biopharm

Rs. 799.00

Ultimate Maca Capsules offer a range of health benefits in a convenient form. Derived from the Red Maca, Black Maca, Aguage, Fenugreek, Tribulus, and Dong Quai Extract these capsules are rich in nutrients and bioactive compounds also offers multifaceted benefits for female hormone regulation and butt and hips enhancement.

Red Maca and Black Maca, known as adaptogens, aid hormonal balance, potentially alleviating menstrual irregularities and menopausal symptoms. They might indirectly influence body composition, including the hips and butt, by promoting overall hormonal equilibrium.

Aguage, rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, supports hydration and nourishment, which can contribute to skin health, potentially enhancing the appearance of buttocks and hips.

Fenugreek contains compounds that might stimulate estrogen production, potentially influencing fat distribution and aiding in shaping the buttocks and hips.

Tribulus terrestris may support hormone regulation, potentially impacting muscle growth and aiding in toning the butt and hips.

Dong Quai Extract is linked to balancing estrogen levels, potentially affecting fat deposition and muscle tone, aiding in the enhancement of butt and hip appearance.

Combining these supplements might synergistically contribute to hormone regulation and body composition changes, potentially influencing the enhancement of butt and hip regions in females. However, individual results may vary, and it's crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating these supplements for specific body enhancement goals.

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